Quality system

Quality system

Basis for every efficiently implemented QM-system is an adequate QM documentation. In our QM system we define in detail how we  implement the requirements provided by ISO/TS 16949 and ensure to respect the expectations of our customers. We also define how our internal and external documents are created and controlled. By the means of this documented QM system we establish transparent processes and create the basis for continuous improvement of this processes. Hereby our main focus is not the correction but the prevention of non compliances.

All business processes and interactions between processes that have an influence to the overall quality are controlled in a way to ensure we meet all expectations defined internally or together with our customers.

In the context of quality planning implemented with our QM-system we have

  • collected and evaluated the requirements and expectations of our customers and implemented them in our processes

  • determined, checked and optimized all process of quality management that are influencing our ability to meet these expectations

  • integrated our experience in optimization and risk minimization wherever possible