Process technology

Process technology

To ensure the functionality of the entire network of the plurality of electrical components in a modern motor vehicle, it is absolutely necessary to reduce the probability of failure of each individual component to a minimum.

To permanently ensure the required extremely low ppm rates in production, the selection and implementation of the necessary process technologies is a major success factor.

Some of the process technologies already used by Pulse Automotive with many years of positive experience are briefly presented below.


  • Fully automated thin wire winding equipment ( 35μm ) with integrated surface treatment processes, pin insertion, welding of insulated copper wires and automatic optical inspection
  • Automatic thick wire winding
  • Manual thick wire winding
Automatic winding line
Automatic winding line

Automatic production line for ignition transformers including thermos-compression welding system and automatic camera inspection of winding system at our production location in south China.


  • thermo-compression welding
  • resistance welding
  • arc welding
  • manual soldering
  • reflow soldering
  • selective wave soldering
  • crimping
  • splicing
  • automatic solder joint inspection
Automatic splicing station
Automatic splicing station

Equipment for application of splices onto actuator systems for active damping solutions. In contrast to a standard crimp process where a pre formed contact is used, in the splicing process the crimp is formed during the process from endless material.


  • automatic vacuum potting with epoxy resin and curing
  • semi-automatic vacuum encapsulation with EP and PU materials
  • encapsulation of coil systems and plug contacts with thermoplastics
Automatic potted ignition coils
Automatic potted ignition coils

Ignition coils for passenger car application after automatic vacuum potting process.

Other key processes

  • automatic surface activation using plasma
  • laser & inkjet marking (text and DMC codes) to ensure the traceability of parts
  • automatic electrical end of line inspection of products
Plasma surface treatment secondary coil
Plasma surface treatment secondary coil

Plasma treatment of the surface of the secondary coil bobbin of an ignition transformer for streetcars.