Igniter modules for HID headlights

Igniter modules for HID headlights

The illumination of the road in the dark is an essential safety feature for automobiles. A better quality of light directly represents an increase in safety for the drivers and passengers of a motor vehicle.

In terms of lighting quality HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps are unmatched to this day. While a few years ago these lamps, commonly known as Xenon Headlights, where only available in luxury cars, nowadays they also become more and more present in mid-range and compact class cars.

Unlike the halogen lamp, the light is not produced by a glowing filament but by an electrical arc. In order to ignite the arc a voltage of up to 25kV must be generated. Subsequently, the arc must be maintained at a voltage of several hundred volts.

Due to the installation in the engine compartment, the ignition modules are subjected to high stresses due to temperature, vibration and humidity.

Pulse Automotive develops and manufactures HID ignition modules for one of the world's leading manufacturer of Xenon headlight lamps.

Pulse HID lamp igniters
Pulse HID lamp igniters

Key success factors of our HID igniter : 

  • Field Optimized design of component geometry
  • Maximum High Voltage Offer
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Design for process
  • Cost optimized product by the use of innovative contact technology