Actuators for active suspension applications

Actuators for active suspension applications

The damping system significantly contributes to the comfort and safety of a modern motor vehicle. It’s task is to minimize stress on the passengers due to uneven road surfaces as far as possible and to prevent swaying or body roll while at the same time ensuring continuously proper ground contact.

A fundamental problem in this technological sector is that while a soft setting of this system provides a high level of comfort, at the same time it benefits the body roll during fast cornering, thus limiting a sporty driving style.

In order to unite these two opposing optimization directions, leading chassis manufacturers developed active damping systems. In this systems the oil flow in the damper is varied by an electrically driven magnetic valve inside the damper. With this technology the driver can fit the damping system to the current driving requirements (sporty / comfort) or when using the corresponding sensor technology the car can automatically adapt the damping system to the current road situation continuously.

The magnetic actuator for the valve system is subject to high thermal and mechanical loads due to its mounting position on or inside the damper.

Pulse Automotive develops and manufactures magnetic actuators for worldwide leading manufacturers in automotive damping systems.