Ignition coils for combustion engines

Ignition coils for combustion engines

Ever since the gasoline engine has been invented in the late 19th century it has been further developed continuously. This continuous development also affected the engine´s ignition systems. While in the first systems the spark was created by a moving magnet which induced a high voltage into a statically mounted coil, modern ignition systems provide a variety of protective and supplementary functions which are sometimes also used for the diagnosis of the combustion quality in the cylinder.

Modern supercharged direct-injection engines combine a very high efficiency and sporty driving pleasure with a good environmental performance.

However, for technological reasons the average ignition voltage and the energy required for ignition systems is much higher, resulting in increased requirements for ignition systems. These must be able to produce high voltages up to 35kV and at the same time ensure proper insulation within lowest space permanently.

Pulse Automotive has been developing and manufacturing high quality and cost effective ignition systems for over 50 years. Starting from the very early centralized ignition coils up to the distributed systems for modern supercharged direct injection engines of nowadays.

An important success factor for our short development time is the combination of accumulated knowledge and experience with the constantly ongoing development of modern high-tech materials.

Some key success factors of our ignition transformers :

  • Material selection based on field intensity and exposure to environmental stress
  • Field Optimized design of component geometry
  • Thermal shock resistant component design
  • Maximum High Voltage Offer
  • High spark energy
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Weight-optimized design